Why Hand Dyed Yarn is worth it

The worth of hand-dyed yarn is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if hand-dyed yarn is worth it for you: Ultimately, the worth of hand-dyed yarn is a personal decision. If you find joy, inspiration, and satisfaction in working with unique and high-quality materials, and […]

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Yarn Bases and Pattern Suggestions

The Cumulus Blouse a pattern by Petite Knit is the perfect light summer sweater.  We knit our version using LITLG Silky Boucle.  In the image above we used the colorways Silica.  Head to our semi-solid dyed to order section to order yours and click on the link above to purchase the pattern.   The Vertical Stripes […]

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Handdyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn skeins ireland

What is Hand Dyed Yarn? Put simply it is undyed hanks of yarn that are handled and manipulated in batches – by a person, an artisan.  It is not vat-dyed yarn created by machines in large batches.  Each colorway is a recipe created and designed by the main dyer/designer and then dyed repeatedly in small […]

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The Shifty Sweater

Shifty Sweater in Life in the Long Grass By Emma (@TheNewYorkYear) Inspiration When I see a beautifully hand-dyed skein of yarn, I often try to pinpoint where I have seen that color before—either in a painting, sculpture, or work of architecture. As an art historian, I’ve spent years studying works of art and architecture in […]

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Fuyu Peace Shawl

Beatrice Mase LITLG hand dyed yarn

Beatrice Mase is one of our favorite designers for shawls, socks, and mittens.  We asked her to design a shawl for Christmas with peace in mind.  After a changeable and challenging year, we felt that ending it with a soft peaceful knit would be what we all need.  Here is what she is working on […]

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