Base Information

Lace Weight

Light & Airy
72% Kid Mohair 28%Silk Non-Superwash
Meterage: 450mWeight: 50g
Needles: 2-3.5mm
A light silk lace with Kid Mohair which creates a warm and airy fabric. Used on its own or held double with other yarn bases and weights for different effects

Suri Silk Cloud
Soft & Light
74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Mulberry Silk Non-Superwash
Meterage: 300m Weight:  50g
A single-ply silk yarn with a baby alpaca halo, making it incredibly soft. The fluffy halo of this lace weight yarn adds fullness, allowing it to be knit on larger needles like fingering or sport weight yarn

Fingering/ Sock Weight

Silky Boucle
Textural, curly, light & soft
70% Silk 30% Superfine Merino
Meterage: 400m Weight: 100g
A fingering weight yarn with a curly texture, and a soft silky hand – We recommend picking light colors as there will be some variation of tone on the skein.  We love it knitted up into a light sweater for next to the skin wearing.

Fine Sock
Matte & Sturdy
75% Merino25% Nylon Superwash
Meterage:425m/467yd Weight: 100g
Needles: 2- 4mm
One of our most popular bases, this fine 4ply yarn with a matt finish is perfect for sweaters, socks, and all accessories

Singles Sock
Slight Sheen
100% Merino Superwash
Meterage: 366m/400yd Weight: 100g
Needles: 2.5 – 4mm
A soft, single ply yarn with a slick sheen – always wonderful in shawls and gives a little luxury to sweaters

Twist 80/20 Sock
Textured Sock
80% Merino 20% Nylon Superwash
Meterage: 365m/400yd Weight:100g
Needles: 2.5 – 4mm
A fingering weight yarn with a high twist takes color wonderfully and is fab for light knits

Twist 100% Sock
Textured Sock
100% Merino Superwash
Meterage:365m/400yd Weight: 100g
Needles: 2.5 – 4mm
A fingering weight yarn with a high twist takes color wonderfully and is fab for light knits

Moon Sock
Soft & Luxurious Sheen
80% Merino 20% Silk Superwash
Meterage: 365m (400yds) Weight: 100g
Needles: 2.5 – 4mm
A soft, luxury bouncy yarn with a high twist and texture with a soft sheen

Linen Merino
Rustic Sock
90% Merino10% Linen Superwash
Meterage: 366m (400yds) Weight: 100g
Needles: 3mm – 4mm
A light high-quality merino and linen base, supersoft with a wonderful drape. Takes color softly and has a natural effect when knitted

Zebra Marl
Bouncy & Soft
100% Merino Superwash
Meterage: 400m 232yds) Weight: 100g
Needles:3mm – 5.50mm
Merino with a black marl running through it at different points, when dyed it creates a colorful effect with a black marla. I’ve loved it for shawls, cowls, and fun sweaters for adults or children

Untreated Wool Sock
100% Corriedale wool Non-Superwash
Meterage:400m(445yds) Weight: 100g
Needles: 2- 4mm
This lovely light 2-ply fingering weight yarn is a non-superwash perfect for light sweaters and airy shawls. You can knit socks and accessories with this base if you prefer a non-superwash feel which is soft to touch but with a textural feel. It is soft to the skin and give a project a little woolly feel

Light & Airy
75% BFL 25% Gotland Non-Superwash
Meterage: 350m(382yds)Weight: 100g
Needles: 3mm – 4mm
Sourced from small UK sheep farmers. A soft woolly yarn, light and airy with a light gray base so it takes color differently than a white base, much more tonal. Perfect for sweaters, cardigans and colorwork

Earth Yak & Merino
Smooth & Tonal
70% Merino20% Yak10% NylonSuperwash
Meterage: 400m(438yds)Weight: 100g
Needles: 3mm – 4mm
A medium brown-gray base with a smooth matte texture which gives a moody tonal effect when dyed. This yarn is hardy with little pilling, perfect for socks and sweaters

Sport Weight

Versatile & Reliable
100% Superwash Merino
Meterage: 300m/328yd  Weight: 100g
A beautiful sturdy, soft base with textural stitches with good fabric structure, wonderful for sweaters as it falls in between DK/Worsted and Sock

DK/Worsted Weight

DK Twist
Warm & Sophisticated
100% Extrafine Merino Wool Superwash
Meterage: 230m (252yds)Weight: 115g
Needles: 4mm – 5mm
A heavier yarn weight similar to worsted weight a sturdy, structural yarn with good stitch definition and lots of smooth softness

Tweed DK
Textural Irish Feel
100% Extrafine Merino Wool Superwash
Meterage: 230m (252yds) Weight: 115g
Needles: 4mm – 5mm
A soft DK/worsted weight with black, gray, and a cream Nep. Takes color beautifully and adds interest and texture to plain sweater patterns and makes a fab pair of woolly thick socks

Soft & Rustic
100% Highland wool Untreated & Non-Superwash
Meterage: 225m (250yds) Weight: 100g
Needles: 4mm – 5mm
A soft, durable rustic yarn with a character that takes color in a soft subtle way, it is my go-to for muted cardigans and shawls that have a natural, organic look and feel. This yarn is non-superwash and has not been treated in any way

Aran Weight

Aran Merino
Soft & fast
100% Merino Superwash
Meterage: 166m/182 yd Weight: 100g
Needles: 4mm-5.50mm
A soft base for a quick knit so perfect for sweaters and chunky cowls.

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