Handdyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn skeins ireland

What is Hand Dyed Yarn? Put simply it is undyed hanks of yarn that are handled and manipulated in batches – by a person, an artisan.  It is not vat-dyed yarn created by machines in large batches.  Each colorway is a recipe created and designed by the main dyer/designer and then dyed repeatedly in small […]

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The Shifty Sweater

Shifty Sweater in Life in the Long Grass By Emma (@TheNewYorkYear) Inspiration When I see a beautifully hand-dyed skein of yarn, I often try to pinpoint where I have seen that color before—either in a painting, sculpture, or work of architecture. As an art historian, I’ve spent years studying works of art and architecture in […]

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Fuyu Peace Shawl

Beatrice Mase LITLG hand dyed yarn

Beatrice Mase is one of our favorite designers for shawls, socks, and mittens.  We asked her to design a shawl for Christmas with peace in mind.  After a changeable and challenging year, we felt that ending it with a soft peaceful knit would be what we all need.  Here is what she is working on […]

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