Handdyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn skeins ireland
What is Hand Dyed Yarn?

Put simply it is undyed hanks of yarn that are handled and manipulated in batches – by a person, an artisan.  It is not vat-dyed yarn created by machines in large batches.  Each colorway is a recipe created and designed by the main dyer/designer and then dyed repeatedly in small batches to supply yarn retailers or knitters.  There are a lot of variables in the process, water temperature, dye amounts, techniques, styles, setting, skeining, packaging, and hard work.  The design aspect of creating hand-dyed yarn colorways that are knittable but yet excite and ignite the soul of the knitter is always at the forefront of our techniques and style at the studio.  It is labor intensive craft full of design and planning.

handdyed yarn

Why do some colorways look different on different bases?

This is because of the composition of the base that you have chosen and the amount of twist in the yarn ply.  These two factors affect how the dye takes to the wool.  Very untreated non-superwash wools like our Highland DK take the dye in a soft, slightly tonal manner compared to our superwash bases.  Our Twist sock and Sport yarns add a textural feel to the colorway and our smoother yarns like our Fine Sock take dye beautifully dappled.  Yarn Singles and all the Silk Merino’s add a sheen.



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